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Kindle Issues

Kindle is an electronic device providing ease of use to ebooks, playing all of your favourite games and listening to your music. With lot of advantages of this digital device, you may also experiences some issues which may be quite difficult to get these issues fixed.

No Wireless Connectivity

Frozen Kindle

Not able to play games on kindle

Kindle not powering on

Unable to download book

Blacked out Kindle Screen

Application not working properly

Unable to register kindle

No Wireless Connectivity :-
Check if your wifi password is correct. If not, then go ahead and change the password from router settings.

Unable to download Book :-
From quick setting of kindle, tap sync and you will be able to download books.

Frozen Kindle :-
Turn the kindle off and turn it on to fix the issue.

Kindle not powering on :-
Could be issue with battery. Just replace the battery. It will fix the issue.